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wulf-albumReleased: March 2015

London based indie trio WULF are just about to embark on a journey of exciting proportions. Their debut single, Fires, was highlighted by Zane Lowe as a new hype in 2014 and now these boys have released their debut EP, Lairs.

The self-titled first track on the EP is very commercial and seems like a bit of a gimmick song that the band were pushed to make in order to win them a quick following. The rest of the EP is much more experimental – bringing in piano, acoustic guitar and gently echoing vocals – and this is where the EP shines.

The band combine blues, gospel and soul and have been likened to The Black Keys, White Stripes, Cold War Kids and Band of Horses. If they can emulate even half of the success of these bands, they’ll be on to a good thing.

The second track on the EP, Fire, is the best song out of the four, starting with pounding piano chords and heavy bass; it’s definitely a grower. The other tracks are more mellow and chilled out, yet they all hold a certain charisma and innocent charm.

I’m interested to see which direction this band takes in future years. They’re certainly one to keep an eye on.


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