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Ladyhawke – Wild Things Review

Ladyhawke – Wild Things Review

Ladyhawke – aka Pip Brown – returns with her third studio album, Wild Things, once again demonstrating her great talent as a singer-songwriter.

A Love Story is a lively opening track from the one-woman pop artist. The synthesizers make the song come alive with its electro feel against Ladyhawke’s soft vocals.

Second track, The River, takes a slightly slower pace but is nevertheless a catchy and fun track, very much in keeping with the album’s upbeat tone. On the other end of the scale, the title track is a beautiful, relaxing song with a slightly melancholy feel juxtaposed against the song title and album name. With its almost church-like synth intro, it’s a particular highlight on the album.

Chills and Golden Girl are classic poppy tracks that showcase Ladyhawke’s evolvement as an artist since her 2008 debut album and Paris is Burning days.

Being heavily influenced by the 80s, Hillside Avenue and Wonderland suit the female singer’s vocals perfectly, whilst Dangerous ends the album on a high with its punchy, catchy hooks.

Overall, Ladyhawke’s latest output is creative, fun and definitely worth the wait.


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