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Knuckle at Milo – Live At Leeds Review

Knuckle at Milo – Live At Leeds Review


Blues two-pieces always seem to carry a charm and audience intimacy that cannot be replicated, and with Knuckle in the cramped Milo bar it was no different.

Describing their music as a cross between filthy blues, surf and punk music, it only takes a few bars to know just how filthy it is. Dirty riffs are the order of the day and they play with a smile so wide that you can’t help but grin too.

Guitarist/vocalist Jonny The Gurth played with tenacity and style, and was able to move seamlessly from the all-out hard rock of signature song Idiot Bastards, which has moments of Jack White inspired rocking, to the easy blues sway of Go Blue which celebrates the 12 bar blues style and adds a healthy dose of harmonica just to spice the sound up.

Drummer Ben Ballwanks (nice name) is a tub thumper with an exuberance that could only come from the nether-regions, and as Jonny stated had “the spirit of John Bonham”, none more evident than on the brief drum solo which can only be considered a little over-indulgent in a 30 minute set, but was fine nevertheless.

For Knuckle it seems to be all about the fun and it made a refreshing change to the many angsty post-rock bands on the bill.


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