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farmheroessaga1Do you ever get caught up in the busy city rush? Trapped on the tube squashed against the doors?  Hoping for a quiet retreat to get you away from the people and traffic? Well the people over at King feel the same way, and last week decided to create their own pop-up City farm at Canary Wharf Station, to find out just how many city dwellers feel this way.

The pop-up farm was created as part of Kings ‘Be a Farm Hero’ campaign accompanying the recent launch of their latest match-three game Farm Heroes Saga on Android and iOS platforms. King have also teamed up with Blur Bassist turned farm owner, Alex James, to turn the ‘Be a Farm Hero’ campaign into a global effort to encourage more people to try farming as a way of escaping the stressful city life.

Commuters who came across Kings’ piece of countryside, discovered a variety of activities on offer. Budding farmers were offered seed packets of lettuce, carrots and strawberries and given top tips and advice for starting their own inner city gardens. For those just looking to relax, the pop-up farm also offered professional Shiatsu massages, farm themed nail art, and the chance to pet real life farmyard animals.

Farm Heroes Saga is played by millions across the globe every day as a way to switch off for a few minutes and have fun on their stressful city commutes” said Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King. “It’s well known that tending to plants or vegetables can keep stress at bay and put a spring in your step, so, we’re bringing these key qualities of the game to life.”


The campaign has already produced a number of surprising results. Through a survey conducted by the Farm Heroes Saga team, they learnt that nearly half of Londoners forgot to take breaks during their busy work days and that more than half felt that the lack of green areas contributed to city living stress. Almost one third of respondent’s also told the team that playing mobile games, such as Farm Heroes Saga, helped them to chill out and relax.

Farm Heroes Saga is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. If you’d like to learn more about the ‘Be a Farm Hero’ campaign, or want to find out tips on how to start growing your own produce, head on over to www.farmheroessaga.com

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