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Kill The Power – Skindred Review

Kill The Power – Skindred Review

skindredkillthepowerReleased: 2014

In recent years Skindred have become one of the most popular and hard-working bands on the contemporary metal scene. Numerous festival appearances and regular touring have certainly helped to keep their name on the agenda, but it’s the music that speaks volumes about why they are so popular.

Combining reggae tinged vocals with modern metal riffs in the same vein as Sepultura or Stone Sour, what Skindred have is a genuinely unique sound that you can’t help but feel inclined to rock to.

The opening battle cry of Kill The Power and Ruling Force, the latter with some charging electronic drum influences, sets the tone for what is a surprisingly melodic but always thunderous record.

The chorus hook on Playing With The Devil, which would not be out of place on an Avenged Sevenfold record is probably the album’s most rousing anthem, and should go down a treat for a stirring, mud-drenched festival sing-along later this year. Meanwhile, it’s clear why Ninja was chosen as the lead single mere seconds into the chorus.

Kill The Power will no doubt cement Skindred’s reputation as one of metal’s most exciting bands at the moment, but more importantly shows they have staying power more than any of their previous releases. If Skindred don’t make it to arena headlining status soon it would be criminal, so turn it up to 11 and revel in this collection of tunes before the summer tour of duty starts.


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