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Kids In Glass Houses are one of those bands with a recognisable name and sound that have been popping up on the radio airwaves for over 5 years now thanks to support from such bands as Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets to name a few. They come back again and again, branding their syntho pop rock sound in our minds, keeping us as fans on our toes with what sort of song will be released next. With up-beat melodies and passionate lyrics, any music-lover can relate to KIGH. A band whose fans never tire of what they have to offer, and constantly attract new followers with fresh sounds. So when we got the chance to see them live in Brighton, it’s fair to say I was pretty excited to see if they lived up to their reputation.

Their 4th album Peace came out on the Monday 30th Sept, the day before the gig and we had no problem learning the lyrics in just 24 hours (obsessive and addictive!). Aled Phillips, the lead singer/songwriter of KIGH, has an incredible talent when it comes to writing songs that obviously hold much meaning to him and the band, and of course their fans. This newest album is a far cry from their previous album In Gold Blood, released in 2010, which was far darker and some would say ‘too serious’ for such a band. Peace is a lot more poppy and up-beat, fitting in with the current musical atmosphere.

kids-in-glass-houses-concorde-2With their UK tour in full swing and support coming from The Propellers and American band Cartel, you could feel the anticipation bubbling away whilst feet tapped and shoulders bopped to their supports tracks. Concorde 2 on Marine Parade, just in front of the beach, was a ideal setting for their Brighton leg of the tour. The stage was the perfect size to fit the whole band in full view of the audience with the speakers playing host to Aled, who made his way all over the stage, getting a good look at the fans before him. Unfortunately, the venue itself wasn’t full to the brim like KIGH deserved, but the energy the guys brought to the stage filled it to the rafters! Excitable fans pushed and shoved to the front of the stage to stand as close as possible to the boys of the band as they dived in with their most recent single release Peace.

The rapport between the band and the audience was evident from the start and the fans tried to out-sing the band just to prove to them how much they support their song writing talents. Aled brought enough energy to power the Brighton pier, making the most of the small stage and crowd surfing into the audience, a slight microphone problem at the beginning of their set did not put him off. He had no trouble getting his fans involved, singing along and jumping around to each song. It would be rude not to. Aled’s voice has a wholesome tone to it, reaching high, low and those sexy raspy notes with ease. You could hear he meant every word, which is probably one of the main reasons for such a large following.

kids-in-glass-houses-concorde-3They pulled a handful of songs into their set list from their past three albums; Smart Casual, Dirt and In Gold Blood as well as a selection of their new tracks that everyone seemed to know the words to even though the album was released just 24 hours prior! (Obsessed…again!) People went crazy for Give Me What I Want (2008), one of their oldies but a goody. This song was one of the first I heard from the band and remember loving instantly, following their progress ever since. I’m sure you can imagine I attempted to be one of the loudest backing singers in the room! Their extensive set list (a whopping 17 tracks!) left fans wondering what song would come next starting each with woops and cheers of recognition following the first strums, taps and vocals of each new song. Most I’m sure left with sore throats at the end of the show – I know I did!

Throughout the gig it was obvious how much their following meant to them, with words of gratitude coming from KIGH’s frontman Aled on behalf of himself, Joel, Shay, Phil and Iain. I’m quite annoyed that I’ve actually left it this long to see such an awesome band, but in a way – at this gig I got to see them in all their glory, playing a backlog of songs to their hearts contents and I’ve found it’s left me (and my Spotify account) with all their albums whacked together into one playlist on repeat. Bravo Boys, Bravo!


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