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It’s Ancient Greece, 1200 B.C, and a Queen bears the child of Zeus with promises that their demi-god son will overthrow the cruel rule of the King and restore hope and peace to the lands. This demi-god is called Hercules and he knows nothing of his ancestry or his destiny. Hercules lives for the love of a woman, a princess betrothed to his brother. It’s all very complicated in Ancient Greece… Hercules must choose between his one true love or his destiny as the action and drama unfolds in the latest retelling of the Godly tale.

This first trailer for Renny Harlin’s The Legend of Hercules has been doing the internet rounds and, if first impressions are anything to go by, it looks like a serious case of style over substance. Like Tarsem Singh’s Immortals before it, Hercules has the buff god-like lead, the pretty princess as a love interest and a lot of slow-mo fighting…it’s all fairly standard for a cinematic Greek mythology tale. Whilst Lutz is significantly better to look at than Mark Addy’s Hercules in Atlantis (what happened with the casting there?!), he’s also significantly less inspiring in the performance department. Hardly a surprise if you’ve ever watched the Twilight films (the saga that launched Lutz’s career).

Sadly Harlin’s creation looks like a carbon copy of every other film about ancient Gods. In fact, I’m sure you could edit clips from Troy, Immortals and Clash of the Titans and the end result would be this trailer. Roll on trailer #2 for more unoriginal mythology madness.

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