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Kairos – Sam Brookes Review

Kairos – Sam Brookes Review

sam-brookes-kairosReleased: 2014

Be warned, Kairos is not an upbeat record. But it doesn’t need to be. If vast, Sigu-Ros influenced indie that’s all about texture and exploring a single theme is your thing, the latest album by Sam Brookes is for you.

Much like Little Radar and The Crimea, Sam Brookes’ music taps into an appetite for synth-driven ethereal indie, and he does it very well. Combining this with a worldly, storyteller’s voice, Kairos is engaging and easy to chill out to.

The Sigur Ros comparisons are inevitable, as the likes of Numb and the aptly named opening track Intro are keen to point out, but the stripped back guitar and percussion strum-along of James serve to prove that Brookes is more than just a one-trick-pony.

What Kairos has in abundance is an otherworldly majesty of stepping into the unknown, but it does feel like you get bogged down in it a little too much sometimes, and as such the record does feel long.

Fans with patience will be rewarded, but it is all to possible that Brookes may alienate others in the slow build ups and swaying melodies.

While by no means an essential purchase, Kairos is worth a listen, and will no doubt be the kind of affair that picks up a dedicated following but may not trouble the commercial branches of the corporate tree too much. Gentle but focussed, Sam Brookes is worth giving a chance to.


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