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Born in Florida in 1944, Jerry Lawson grew up in a small town, singing in a church choir. After falling in love with the music and the sound of singing in a group, he went on to have a dazzling career, travelling the world with vocal groups The Persuasions and Talk of the Town, and making a name for himself by performing with the likes of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.

Incredibly, at age 71, his honeyed vocal is as strong as ever, and given even greater gravity by the passing of the years. His deep, soulful tones are a pure joy on his new album, Just a Mortal Man.

Perhaps even more incredible than that voice though, is the fact that this is Lawson’s very first album as a solo artist. His decades long career has seen him collaborating with other artists and singing in groups, but never has he entered the studio on his own.

Unsurprisingly, the results are impressive, mixing soul, funk, pop and gospel styles to pay tribute to his background while marking a new step forward in his career.

You can get this album now on http://redbeetrecords.com/

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