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Julianne Moore And Ellen Page Join Forces In Freeheld

Following her recent Oscar win, Julianne Moore is set to star in Freeheld, a thought provoking and inspiring drama based on true events.

In this upcoming feature Moore plays Laurel Hester, a celebrated New Jersey police lieutenant who lives with her partner Stacie Andree (Ellen Page). Upon finding out she has been diagnosed with cancer, Laurel begins battling to ensure her pension will be left to Stacie, however the county officials, the Freeholders, try to prevent Laurel from achieving her aim.

Enlisting equality activist Steven Goldstein (Steve Carrell) and detective Dane Wells (Michael Shannon) to help fight her case, Laurel finds herself garnering the support of fellow police officers and ordinary citizens alike in her struggle for equality.

The heartrending trailer is at times funny, at times tragic and ultimately inspiring, promising a very real and human story. In the year in which the Supreme Court finally ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, Freeheld is an important reminder of the years of campaigning and important activism that lead to this historic moment.

The movie is due to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this September.

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