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Comparisons with James Cameron’s robo-pocalypse Terminator franchise are likely to abound with the release of this technical action-thriller directed by Wally Pfister. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he’s the cinematographer behind the brooding visuals of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception amongst others.

It seems as if most of the film is already in the trailer with the basic plot summed up nicely. A husband and wife scientist team (Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall) are working on a way to create artificial intelligence that possesses human emotions and when Depp’s character is gravely injured by a radical anti-tech group a perfect opportunity arises. SPOILER ALERT: It all goes very, very wrong.

Transcendence promises to be a complex film dealing with issues of morality and how far we should be prepared to pursue knowledge. The supporting cast is filled with heavy hitters including many familiar faces from Nolan’s films including Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy. It looks like we’re in for a glossy thriller with brains to back up its beauty.

Transcendence will hit UK cinemas 25th April 2014

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