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kickass 2In cinemas this weekend you can see KICK ASS 2, which is obviously the sequel to KICK ASS… Early reports haven’t been that kind to this film but if you’re a fan of the first film and enjoy lots of swearing and violence you’ll have a blast. Maybe.

Also out is 2 GUNS which stars Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington as two undercover agents on the run. I saw the trailer and instantly wanted to watch it because it reminded me of those 80’s action films I miss so much.

…and on home viewing systems you could view THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES which has had so many rave reviews it’s probably going to be one of those films that you’ll watch and say to yourself after “That was alright…“. Ryan Gosling and Bradley ‘kind eyes’ Cooper are in it.

I’m going now because, unlike you lot, my weekend will be spent unpacking boxes as I’ve just moved house…FUN. Have a good weekend!!!

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