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Jetstream Sunset – Thomas Truax Review

Jetstream Sunset – Thomas Truax Review

ThomasTruax_Jetstream_Sunset_cvr_art(2000)Released: April 2015

Thomas Truax is a self-styled all American troubadour, and while the journeyman persona is often one that is useful for adding a sense of mystery or character to a singer/songwriter, the eighth offering from Truax is proof that it doesn’t always work.

No bones are made about the fact that he doesn’t have a particularly powerful voice, and while plenty have made a career out of unappealing warbles, Jetstream Sunset makes it a little harder to see than most.

The duration of the 11-track record sounds like it was recorded in a backroom with a cassette recorder, which no doubt was meant to establish a kind of ‘rustic charm’ but actually comes across as somewhat lazy.

And then there are the songs themselves. The repeated cries of “I have no attention span” on Phantom Vibrations ironically seems to recognize the affect Truax’s music has on the listener, while the tuneless Shine Brightly As You Can makes your ears want to bleed.

Clearly some effort has gone into this album, and the one redeeming feature is the fact that the songs do have some semblance of layers. But it is sadly not enough to make up for the lack of songwriting nous or talent of Truax on this particular record.

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