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Introducing Morrissey DVD Review

Introducing Morrissey DVD Review

introducing-morrisseyIt’s been 20 years since the release of Morrissey’s ‘Vauxhall and I’ and the tour that celebrated his number one album. To commemorate the event, Introducing Morrissey – James O’Brien’s documentation of the tour’s Sheffield and Blackpool dates – has been released on DVD for the first time.

Following a pre-taped introduction of a sullen youth loitering in derelict spots of London, O’Brien follows Morrissey as he flies onto his platform, skulking back and forth across a small area of the stage until he pounces into Billy Budd. What will then ensue are over 60 minutes of unique performances of some of his most prized songs.

His onstage persona is unparalleled; a trance likes collection of dips and sways, waltzing with his microphone cable and slipping down to the crowd to grasp desperate hands that are waiting for him.

As if scripted, the first person to crash the stage arrives during The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get. It’s a surreal, unfrantic moment where the girl kisses the back of the unphased receiver’s neck before she dreamily walks away. From then on a dozen or so adoring girls and boys skim the stage, pressing their lips on his body or letters into his hand. Each time Morrissey doesn’t flinch or break his performance, moving in time with the offers he receives.

He doesn’t talk to the audience aside from an occasional mumble of gratitude, instead punctuating his songs with a look or a stance, and O’Brien makes each track appear as scenes, with the film fading to deafening black at the end of each.

Some of the camera techniques have not aged well, with disorientating, shaking pans used too often, but quick cuts and low angles compliment the singer’s performance thoughtfully for an effective account of a dedicated concert and an absolute treat for dedicated fans of Morrissey’s work.


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