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Interview With La Sera

Interview With La Sera

Credit : Magda Wosinska
Credit : Magda Wosinska

With songs that are bittersweet, nostalgic and atmospheric, La Sera, AKA Katy Goodman, is certainly no stranger to singing us tales of heartache and love lost. In fact it’s safe to say that her album ‘Sees The Light’ is positively brim full of words of wisdom which will resonate with any one who’s ever dealt with heartbreak as it tells you it’s time to move on. Dreamy and soft one moment, direct and driving the next, La Sera will make you yearn for the 1950’s drive-in theatre days, where her songs would provide the perfect soundtrack. Katy gives us an insight in to her music, her different projects and her foot attire preference.

Q: Where does the name La Sera come from?

Katy: It means “the evening” in Italian. I was on tour with Vivian Girls in Italy in summer 2010, and I heard the phrase and thought it was

Q: Your music is described as brimming with defiance, does that describe you too?

Katy: Haha I’ve never heard that before but I like it. Let’s go with it.

Q: How has Sees The Light progressed from your first, self titled album?

Katy: I think I took what I was doing on the 1st album and evolved it into something more refined and mature. On the first album I was just figuring out what my sound and style were and Sees the Light is where I truly establish them.

Q: Do you have a personal favourite song on the album?

Katy: I think my favorite song is Don’t Stay. I’ve never played it live, and I don’t usually listen to my own albums, so when I DO hear it, it
brings me right back to the time and place when I wrote it. It’s like a time machine song. I wrote it as a break up letter.

Q: What inspires your lyrics?

Katy: On Sees the Light, the lyrics were inspired by a break up. On my 1st album, and on newer songs, sometimes I write about fictional people and tell stories. Sees the Light was way more autobiographical than other songs ive written.

Q: What made you go ahead with a seperate project to Vivian Girls?

Katy: It just seemed like a natural progression for me. I had been in Vivian Girls for a few years helping Cassie make her songs, and she
was doing other bands, and we were taking some time off, so it only seemed natural to try and write my own songs. I’ve really enjoyed the
process of making my own records.

Q: You visited the UK with the band, what was your impression of the music scene here? Does it differ from the music scene in America?

Katy: Hmm, I’m not sure! I love touring the UK, if only because the drives are way shorter so you get to spend more of the day exploring small, beautiful cities.

Q: Finally (random question alert!), you wrote an amusing article for Noisey website on minimalist footwear…if you had to choose barefoot running or toe shoe running which would you pick?

Katy: Haha, probably toe shoe running. Due to regular pedicures, my feet are rather smooth and gentle, so I don’t think they would handle
barefoot running too well.

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