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in your headReleased: 2012

With indie rock, a genre where bands frequently duplicate the sound of the current year’s ‘in-thing’, it’s refreshing to find Tegan & Sara – a Canadian duo who are solid musicians, have a keen ear for song writing and don’t just churn out the same tunes.

Their latest EP, entitled In Your Head: An Introduction to Tegan & Sara is exactly what it says on the tin: an introduction to the eclectic two-piece, featuring six tracks, old and new, spanning their career since 2004’s So Jealous album.

Containing a plethora of feel-good grooves and thought provoking anthems in their trademark synth-driven style, Tegan & Sara have perfected the art of writing a catchy song, with this EP very much being not only an introduction to the band’s music, but also a lesson in quality musicianship.

The EP kicks off with I’m Not Your Hero, a brand new track from next year’s eagerly anticipated Heartthrob album. Featuring one of the fattest choruses you’re likely to hear this year, if this song is anything to go by, Heartthrob should be a belter.

Second track Back In Your Head is easily the weakest on the EP, opening with a piano sequence which sounds hideously out-of tune and overly simplistic. The song doesn’t take off and never really recovers.

Walking With A Ghost is arguably the best tune and would probably have been a global hit had the band seen more exposure back in 2004. The folk like feel of Call It Off certainly displays the duo’s broad range of influences, but reinvents such a dated genre for the 21st Century with flair.

Other than the by-the numbers second track Back In Your Head, this EP is incredibly strong and if there’s any justice, should find Tegan & Sara’s fan base increasing as often as every emphatic, soaring chorus they seem to deliver so easily. If next year’s Heartthrob isn’t on your list of albums to watch out for, it certainly should be. With one listen of this EP, it soon will be.


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