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I’m Dead – Glimmermen Review

I’m Dead – Glimmermen Review

im-dead-glimmermenHaving been formed from the ashes of Jackbeast, Boxes and Holy Ghost Fathers, Glimmermen will be well known to Irish audiences, but I’m Dead is their debut album which they will hope can establish a following in the UK.

Ireland has produced its fair share of rock bands over the years, from the twin harmony stylings of favourite sons Thin Lizzy, to the globe-dominating stadium rock of U2.
Glimmermen are a little bit of a departure from those two bands, but carry something of a more rootsy Irish charm with them.

Vocalist Gavin Cowley sounds like Dave Grohl imitating Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, and on the chorus refrain ‘Is this the last song?’ on the aptly titled Last Song, one is easily reminded of Grohl’s gut-busting cries of ‘This is the last song!’ in The Last Song on In Your Honor.

The songs aren’t bad, ranging from the proto ska bop-along of the opening title track, to the jangly punk rock of Ex=Out, but the sound is a little muddled.

The high end guitar notes are too high in the mix and at times pierce your eardrums so violently that you can’t hear any of the vocals or drums, and as such means you can’t turn this record up to eleven.

As a debut album it’s not bad, but the Glimmermen’s problem is that they still sound like a local band working the bar scene and rehearsing out of their mum’s garage. You can almost picture her wandering in with biscuits and squash a la Bill And Ted.

A little more rawness and power to the songs will give this record a bit more of the thump that their music deserves, which suggests live they could be a good prospect. Album number two will decide the future of Glimmermen.


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