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Cars and football rarely mix, since it would likely to be a health and safety nightmare. However, imagine a giant football, two humongous goal-posts and two snazzy little cars going head to head to swerve around the field aiming to be the first to get the goal and you’ll have yourself Soccer Rally 2!

IceFlame Studios, based in the Midlands, is a company that aims to create ‘epic’ games that are incredibly engaging. The developers wanted to break away from the conventions of the industry in order to use the full extent of their creativity. After their incredibly successful first installment of the game, Soccer Rally, the second pushes to improve the rather innovative concept.


Soccer Rally 2 combines cars and soccer in a polo-style game, which puts the player in the driver seat of their own vehicle. Players are offered the opportunity to customise their car and turn it into a pimped-out ride; with nine cars, 30 colours and over 200 decals, players will have the chance to layer their details any way they like, showing off who they are, through their car with the prospect of showing their friends on Facebook and Twitter.


The game offers a fully loaded single-player campaign as well as an extensive multiplayer aspect, which allows players to get competitive with friends. It also offers players the ability to mix-it up with different styles of ball from baseball to hockey-puck. With a global soundtrack that takes songs from bands based in the U.S to Russia, players can expect an array of tunes to rev-up to.

Soccer Rally 2 uses a powerful 3D engine that allows the players to slide and slice through a playing field that is beautifully rendered for its respective devices.

IceFlame can be liked on Facebook and followed on twitter @iceflamegames. They will be releasing the game as of the 24th of April for free on iTunes and Google Play, so get ready and get set to score some pulse-pounding, high octane goals!

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