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An acoustic singer songwriter with a syrupy voice and a nice line in chord patterns and country/folk licks, Chris Hornsby’s debut single I Was Hoping I’d Run Into You is out now and it’s a real treat:

The single, released alongside the also very good b-sides Black Suit and Star Girl, is deceptively simple, a familiar combination of vocal and acoustic that washes over you on first listen and creates more meaning the more you listen. The lyrics, about a hopeless romantic unlucky in love, work on a relatable theme, which adds pathos to the relatively upbeat chord pattern.

The additional songs are well worth a listen too. Black Suit strays into more straight-up country folk territory, with its slow shuffles and melodic, clean electric guitar licks, while there’s a real sense of whimsy about the excellent closer Star Girl.

All in all, this is one of the strongest combinations of single and B sides I’ve heard in quite some time – no sign here of lazy remixes or repeats, just three very good songs and a really strong debut.

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