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I Am Soldier EP – The Lowriders Review

I Am Soldier EP – The Lowriders Review

The Lowriders I AM SOLDIER New EP cover700British film and music are on a high at the moment, with the British film industry consistently involved with some of the world’s biggest name blockbusters and British albums the highest selling for 7 of the last 10 years. Artistically, the UK is enjoying something of a boom, and it’s great to see that creative streak coming together on an independent level too.

Written for the independent British film I Am Soldier, The Lowriders’ new EP of the same name was released on Monday. The EP clocks in at four tracks, three of which are raw indie-rock songs, and the final track a dance remix. What all of these tracks have in common is their high quality, but in particular, the first three really draw you in.

Comparisons with Kasabian (who have just been announced as Glastonbury headliners…the sky’s the limit) are justified, with a big guitar and vocal sound combination that borders on anthemic. The choruses are quietly infectious too, making it easy to imagine songs like this going across well to big crowds.

Only their second release, The Lowriders still have a long way to go to reach the heights of some of their influences. But there’s no reason, given their sound and approach, why they shouldn’t.


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