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 hozier-debut-albumReleased: October 2014

If indie rock ‘n’ roll had a prolonged fling with gospel and soul in a studio space somewhere, the chances are the outcome wouldn’t be too dissimilar to Hozier’s self titled record.

It’s clear from the opening one-two punch of Take Me To Church and the bafflingly titled Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene that Hozier’s music has got soul, sensuality and sex appeal in abundance.

The vocals have a world-worn sound but with an intriguing flair, the drums thunder like it was all created in a whirlwind of an apocalypse and this is their last sermon, while lovingly rendered harmonies and swirls of Hammond organ keep it all upbeat.

Hozier is an entirely unique record, and in an era when so much music is either anonymous, manufactured or follows the crowd, it is perhaps the greatest complement one can pay to an artist breaking through.

It is not entirely beyond the realms of possibility that one day, up and coming bands will pray at the altar of Hozier, as they have done with the likes of James Brown before them.


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