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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 9 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 9 Review

‘Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me’

With an impressive tension-filled first half of the season, How To Get Away With Murder wraps up the choppy details of Sam’s murder and leaves us wanting more with an equal amount of anticipation.

Tension is a wonderful tool in television, film and literature, and it’s by far one of my favourite tropes in building narrative and character. The winter finale of HTGAWM creates it with ease, snaps it with delicious malice, and then builds it all over again before there’s even a chance for the audience to process it.
how-to-get-away-with-murder-episode-9-04This episode finally ties together all the flash-forwards as they pan out in the present. We see a not-so-sneaky Rebecca plan to steal all the information on Sam’s laptop, and finally bring Lila’s death to justice. We also see a fierce word battle between Annalise and Sam, as they throw insults and cruel accusations back and forth.

Right from the opening, as Annalise and Sam tear into each other, the episode really goes all out in its attempt to shock the audience. I enjoyed watching Annalise gleefully shove her affair down her husband’s throat. It’s been a long time coming for Sam, who’s always been undeservingly supported and helped by Annalise.

Soon after, the real drama begins: Sam’s murder. The young lawyers arrive just in time to witness a drunk and aggressive Sam attempting to get his hands on Rebecca. Sam snaps and lunges for Laurel, but it’s actually Michaela who accidently shoves him down the stairs, where he apparently breaks his neck and dies. Just as we’re breathing a sigh of relief, Sam is suddenly back from the dead and strangling Rebecca. This time it’s Wes who steps in with a killer trophy blow to the back of Sam’s head and there’s no coming back from that. Youch!
how-to-get-away-with-murder-episode-9-03For a few episodes, I haven’t been impressed with the way Annalise just seemed to take Sam’s lies and manipulation. However, she really lives up to her strong reputation by proving to always be one step ahead of the game; she creates an alibi for Sam’s murder and leaves a clever voicemail for her husband whilst standing right next to his dead body. If anyone deserves the trophy for sheer genius, it’s definitely Annalise.

I’m thoughroughly looking forward to the second half of the season, especially as it’s clear that the lawyers are well on their way to being discovered – after the police arrive to question the witnesses. We have Michaela’s lost engagement ring, Connor’s meltdown, the couple in the forest, and Rebecca’s phone call in the hotel room which suggests that it’s unlikely to be a happy ending for any of our characters. Except maybe Asher, who – as it turns out – is probably the only decent human being of them all. Who would’ve thought it?


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