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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 8 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 8 Review

‘He Has A Wife’

Surely this title should be renamed, “everyone lies…and then lies some more” – because let’s face it, there’s enough deception in this week’s episode to start another government. It’s another enjoyable round of HTGAWM filled with small amounts of humour, drama and crime solving, but not much depth, save for a few brilliant scenes which provide enough variety to hold our interest for the time being.

The weekly case involves killer sleepwalking, where the killer kills during a state of unconsciousness. Talk about nightmares; imagine awaking to discover you’ve murdered the family maid. However, after a clever discovery on Michaela’s part, the case is quickly solved through a drug that revealed the maid’s affair with the son, but also her affair with the father too. The father confesses to the murder and framing his poor wife, and the case is wrapped up quickly. I’ve never loved the cases before, but this one had an intriguing spin – finally.

I also rather enjoyed the flashbacks for this episode. Showing Lila and Rebecca’s friendship was an excellent move as it really helped to ground them as unlikely friends, as well as showcasing another endearing relationship between two females. Through these flashbacks, we learn that a desperate Lila – distraught after accepting that Sam refused to tell Annalise about their affair – heads off to their house to confront the wife of her lover. I was all for a dramatic confrontation but Bonnie had other ideas and stops the upset girl with a clever rebuff in order to save Sam – who she is clearly, and wrongly, devoted to.

An emotional scene between Annalise and Bonnie completely tore my heart in two. A tearful Bonnie confesses her moment with Lila, and the kiss that followed with Sam, yet Annalise doesn’t forgive her. Instead she fires her co-worker and demands that she leave the house immediately. On one hand, I understand that a friend breaking your trust is painful, and yet Annalise is perfectly willing to forgive her constantly cheating husband – who’s also possibly a murderer.
In ‘He Has A Wife’, we also see Rebecca take matters into her own hands as she teams up with Annalise’s ex-lover, Nate, to finally bring Sam to justice by stealing evidence. An upset and angry Wes asks her why she didn’t fill him in on the plan, as surely Annalise is behind the entire set up. I congratulate Wes for being the only one smart enough not to underestimate Annalise, who is always so unpredictable – and beautifully so. Hopefully, Rebecca doesn’t land herself in any more trouble, though we know from flash-forwards that her involvement in Sam’s death is pretty darn obvious.

And finally, Laurel and Frank’s ‘relationship’ turns from steamy to static when his girlfriend appears in the flat. Awkward or what?


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