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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 7 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 7 Review

‘He Deserved To Die’

In an episode that spreads out a little too thinly for my taste, I was still happily surprised by the cliff-hanger in this week’s How to get away with Murder.

Various romantic relationships are tested and developed in ‘He Deserved To Die’, and there was definitely something for everyone in terms of couple dynamics. First up we have Wes and Rebecca who, after dancing around for a few episodes to build tension, finally wind up in bed during the final few minutes. I’m rather enjoying this pairing and seeing more of Wes’ background and Rebecca’s softer side. On the surface, she’s snarky and uncaring, but beneath the bravado we see a young woman hiding her fear behind a mask. With Wes’ caring attitude and Rebecca’s no-bullshit views on life, we really begin to see a mutual respect blossoming, and it’s a coupling we can root for.

Rebecca’s case is the main focus this week, and perhaps that’s why I felt it was spread a little too thinly, bordering on dull. The debate over whether fingernails were evident on Lila’s body is the topic of discussion. After a tiresome battle, including more law corruption and sketchy defendants, a second autopsy reveals that they were not in fact scratch marks, but insect bites. However, a dramatic reveal also announces that Lila was six weeks pregnant during the time of death.

Now this could’ve finally brought some much-needed tension to the episode, however it only came during the closing cliff-hanger. Hopefully next week will delve into this plot-strand a little deeper.

Another couple who heat up in this episode are Laurel and Frank. After learning that Laurel is seriously considering leaving and taking up an offer at her boyfriend’s company, Frank confronts her outside the house and asks her not to leave to avoid awkwardness. I’ve never been Frank’s biggest fan, but it was clear that he was genuinely hopeful for Laurel’s future; so when they end up in a passionate lip-lock once again, I found myself smiling this time.

On the opposite scale of romance, we also see a desperate Connor struggling to get over his ex, Oliver, and plucking up the courage to head over with flowers, only to discover another man who answers the door with a warning to stay away. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of these two, and it would be great to see if they can be friends, if nothing else. The guy needs all the support he can get, especially after knowing from the flash-forward scenes that Sam’s murder leads to a broken-down, messed up Connor.

A point worthy of exploring is Sam and Annalise’s unsteady marriage. We now know that Sam was sexually involved with Lila, and lied multiple times about this to his wife, so why is Annalise continuing to stand by him despite all this? I still believe – and hope – it’s a planned reaction as opposed to Annalise weakly excusing her husband’s faults. There’s no way that Sam is not involved in Lila’s death, especially as Rebecca’s statement of “he deserved to die” leads us to believe that his murder was, whilst unplanned, inevitable.

I’m excited for next week’s episode, and hoping to see Sam face the consequences of lying – yet again – to a kickass lawyer.


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