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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 4 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 4 Review

‘Let’s Get To Scooping’

With the inclusion of an incredible ending sequence that blew viewers away, this week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder keeps a quick pace that continues to impress.

As always, there’s a temporary case given to our lawyers-in-training, and this episode explores the messy world of fraud when Annalise’s old friend is accused of inside trading. The team are quickly given the task of proving her innocence, which leads to some amusing moments between Asher and an employee, as well as giving Connor another handsome man to sleep with.
how-to-get-away-with-murder-lets-get-to-scooping-02Getting information in exchange for sexual acts seems to be Connor’s area, and whilst that’s nothing to be ashamed of, this move didn’t prove to be the most intelligent. Especially towards adorkable I.T guy, Oliver, whom Connor seemed to be developing a romantic relationship with. Sure enough, this move – clearly brought about by Connor’s desire to be free – affects the pair. Although it was painful seeing the possible downfall of their relationship, it’s about time Oliver showed Connor that a balance is needed, and that he’s looking for something deeper than a fling. Hopefully these two can wrap things up soon, as we see Connor in the flash-forward experiencing a full-blown breakdown and turning up at Oliver’s door for support.

Romance also seems to be in the air for Laurel and Frank, with Frank’s jealousy over Laurel’s boyfriend bubbling over the surface. I still can’t conjure up any love for Frank at the moment, but I’m all for Laurel getting some love, as she’s clearly leaning towards reciprocating his feelings too.

The case is eventually wrapped up, and Connor’s latest hook-up is revealed to be one of two culprits. Shockingly, the employer leaps from the upper floor window, committing suicide, and leaving many viewers in shock. Once again, I found it wonderful that the show continues to explore hard-hitting themes in everyday life; sexual issues, class divides and suicides are simply a few aspects that How To Get Away With Murder explores in a sensitive and intelligent manner.
Rebecca’s case involving Lila’s murder is also developed in this episode. After a surprising confession last week, Rebecca is given a $1 million dollar bail price and the team do their best to find a fault in the system. They manage to lower bail after discovering the confession tape was not only tampered with, but deleted those who manipulated Rebecca into confessing.

Alongside this, we see Annalise’s ex-lover, Nate, breaking into Sam’s car; still exploring his whereabouts and involvement in Lila’s death. If, like me, you were unsure whether Sam’s involvement was merely a red herring, I’d take a fair guess as to say it’s definitely not. With an impressive scene where Viola Davis showcases her incredible power and presence on-screen, Annalise confronts her husband after Wes offers her the phone containing naked pictures of him.

This scene, accompanied by Bastille’s beautifully haunting music, shows just how much promise the show has. By removing the makeup and wig, we’re able to see a character stripped down to their natural state whilst still being able to get the job done and lead the way.

Viola Davis stole this episode, and I can’t wait for next week.


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