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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 3 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 3 Review

‘Smile Or Go To Jail’

Drama, wit and bonfire madness feature in this week’s all-new episode of How To Get Away With Murder. 

The structure of the series is quickly becoming recognisable, but it’s no less enjoyable for it. There’s often a current case, some flash-forward moments to Sam’s murder, and the trial over sorority student Lila. All three plot strands are developed in this episode, alongside a focus on Michaela, which explores the rather frightening side of self-esteem issues, as she lashes out at her fiancé after he visits the University.

The newbie lawyers are faced with an interesting case this week in the form of Paula Murphy, who’s arrested for public sex acts, but is then put on trial for an old murder case. Usually I enjoy the casework side of the show, but this week I found it lacking compared to the other aspects. I’m sure other viewers also felt drawn to the ambiguous flash-forward to Sam’s murder as opposed to watching ex-convicts reunite and run away in the final moments of the show, especially after one betrayed the other. Now that’s romance.

Speaking of romance, Michaela’s supportive fiancé pops into town and a run-in with Connor reveals a surprising twist. It turns out Connor hooked up with the very same guy when they were at boarding school together and, as the pair re-bond, Michaela grows worried over where her fiancé’s loyalties lie. I was caught in the online buzz a few weeks ago when this episode aired in the States, so the issue of Michaela’s outburst later on was an event I was extremely curious about.

Is it fair to argue that she was more bothered about her fiancé’s secret hook-up with Connor, or the fact that he was a he? How To Get Away With Murder continues to explore these controversial issues brilliantly, and whether or not you agree with Michaela’s threatening outburst is beside the point; the idea of fearing sexuality is a very real and very current subject.

Back to Sam’s murder, and the flash-forward moments show the group realising that they need an alibi, so they head out to the bonfire to snap selfies and confirm their presence should anyone ask in the future. I have a sneaking suspicion they just might. Yet another problem surfaces when a cliff-hanger shows Michaela losing her engagement ring somewhere, with absolutely no clue as to when she misplaced it or where it now resides.

With Sam’s alibi failing to separate him from Lila’s murder, the mystery plot thickens. I’m excited to see Sam’s death – call me sadistic, but I have a feeling it’s justified – and the outcome of it, as well as the detailed lead-up that must be coming.

Everything is connected in this show, and it creates a wonderful maze of worry and secrecy that proves more exciting every week.


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