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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 2 Review

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1, Episode 2 Review

‘It’s All Her Fault’ 

How To Get Away With Murder heats up this week with all-new mystery, mayhem and drama that maintains a quick pace, diverse characters and a superb educational take on law.

The second episode, ‘It’s All Her Fault’, continues to question the theme of morality, with Annalise opening the episode by talking to the students about perception. “Everybody lies”, she says, and I’m fairly certain we’re all able to understand the tone of the introduction; do not trust these characters, and don’t believe in or root for their survival because you don’t know what they’re capable of. It’s a tad frightening, but also rather wonderful.
how-to-get-away-with-murder-episode-02-02This week’s case revolves around a husband accused of murdering his wife, a billion-dollar heir, as the small team are invited to be ‘fresh eyes’ in a case that desperately needs them. This time it’s the quiet and perceptive Laurel who identifies a defence angle: hunting. We eventually learn that the husband, who had the ability to humanely kill animals, was a red herring and it was in fact the daughter who murdered the victim; though it was also confirmed that the father killed his first wife, making both characters equally guilty. Just imagine Christmas dinner around that household.

I enjoyed Connor and Oliver, the adorkable IT guy who has quickly become Oliver’s partner in crime, spending more time together. Romance seems to be something this show does well, especially the complex relationships – from lust to love – or the differences in marriage between Sam and Annalise. It’s a great addition to the series.
Alongside romance, the murder plot of Annalise’s husband, Sam, also builds with flash-forwards revealing Rebecca’s involvement in Sam’s murder. Whether or not she’s the perpetrator is yet to be confirmed, however Wes comforting the girl in a motel room sure looks pretty clear. These two share a few moments in the episode, and I actually enjoyed the suggested romance. For a change, it wasn’t forced or shoved down the viewer’s throat, but allowed to build slowly. Romance or not, with sorority girl Lila’s official cause of death released by the police, it’s clear that Wes, Rebecca and the others involved in Sam’s murder are surely heading for even more trouble. Annalise also discovers that Sam and Lila were in close contact, perhaps a little too close for a student/teacher relationship…

The episode ends rather dramatically, with Rebecca being arrested under suspicion of Lila’s murder, and Annalise asking her ex-lover to track down Sam’s alibi for the night of Lila’s death. Was Sam involved in a murder plot before his own? It’s safe to say that the writers of How To Get Away With Murder like to keep viewers on their toes and hopefully next week will be just as exciting.


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