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Horizons/Rapture – Physics House Band

Horizons/Rapture – Physics House Band

ThePhysicsHouseBandHorizonsRaptureEPcoverartworkpackshot400pxThrashHitsReleased: 2013

Be warned! This EP is not for the faint-hearted! A complex mix of guitar wizardry, tasteful instrumentation and challenging song structures, Horizons/Rapture is very much for the prog-rock aficionado.

The band is an up and coming instrumental trio who play it with panache, and have built a loyal following by word of mouth on the underground prog scene.

The opening Obeliskmonolith (great song name!) is the epitome of what these guys are about. Thunderous drums, much like Brann Dailor from Mastodon are coupled with vintage synth tones and soaring bass lines in a cacophony of sound so monstrous it’s like fighting Poseidon in the middle of a tidal wave.

But it’s not all full on storms and hurricanes. Where the real genius of the trio lie is in their dynamic range: playing the huge riffs one minute, before dropping back to a more serene, reflective brand of rock.

The album’s highlight is probably the second track, Abraxical Solapse, which has seen quite a following on YouTube with over 17,000 hits. That’s pretty mind-blowing for an instrumental prog band that no one has heard of.

The image is all perhaps a little geeky, and the name of the band doesn’t help this, but the reality is that it’s a genre where that is very much a good thing and with casual followers probably being few and far between, The Physics House Band has an all or nothing kind of following.

Instrumental music is starting to gain a bigger following since prog has become one of the fastest growing genres in existence today, and with acts like Scale The Summit and Animals As Leaders spearheading the new revolution of which the House Band are very much a part of, their future is promising. A delightful EP that exudes intensity.


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