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Honest Hearts EP – The Lake Poets Review

Honest Hearts EP – The Lake Poets Review

the-lake-poets-honest-heartsReleased: June 2014

They have played with the likes of Ben Howard, Jake Bugg and Willy Mason, performed at T in the Park and Glastonbury, and all before they have even released an album – meet The Lake Poets.

Honest Hearts EP is their debut release, and it’s an accomplished slice of gentle singer/songwriter folk. Across the five tracks there are uplifting melodies, melancholy reflections, weighty piano tunes and lilting guitar movements.

The best songs are probably the haunting Husks which, if there is any justice, should be a radio hit, or the laid back charm of the title song. In truth there isn’t a bad tune on here, and the fact that The Lake Poets are not content to replicate the same song across five tracks is testament to their vision and songwriting prowess. It would be difficult to say they are entirely original when their sound emulates the likes of Howard and Noah and the Whale, but as far as debuts go, there are few that sound as at ease as this.

The EP follows the release of the first single, April, which garnered Radio 1 airplay and sadly isn’t represented on the Honest Hearts disc, which is a shame because not only is it a fine song, but may have also brought the EP to the attention of more casual followers too.

It’s a decent EP this, and it’s worth paying attention to the name The Lake Poets, or linchpin songwriter Martin Longstaff in the near future. Hopefully off the back of this they can embark on a headline tour of their own and begin crafting their first full-length album. But with the live success they have achieved so far and a tour this summer, don’t bet against them making a big impression soon. Poetry in motion indeed.


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