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Homeland Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

Homeland Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

Episode 307‘Gerontion’

Like her father, Dana Brody appears to have finally disappeared in to the ether and with her have many of the problems that have plagued much of the first half of this season. Clawing cat-and-mouse-games, sparkling dialogue and heart-pounding tension build throughout this seventh episode as the final pieces of Saul’s plan finally came into place.

“I got plans for you” Saul tells a bloodied and beaten Javadi with an air of victorious glee, as he reveals his intention to send him back to Iran to work as a mole for the US from within the Iranian Government. Javadi initially refuses, but is eventually convinced after being told the alternative is to return to Iran a prisoner and a traitor. Fara isn’t happy with Saul’s plan, preferring that Javadi be tried in the US. Saul has already made up his mind though and soon enough Javadi is on his way to the airport, chaperoned by Carrie.

Meanwhile, over at the house that played host to Javadi’s massacre last week, the police have a lead; the security camera of the next-door neighbor’s house has pictured Quinn entering the residence and has made him their prime suspect. Adal confronts Quinn on the matter, seemingly angrier about being left out of Saul’s loop than anything else.

The dialogue in this week’s episode was fantastic, with each scene having a spark that built the tension nicely. Quinn’s confrontation with the investigation chief was particularly well crafted. Rupert Friend’s withdrawn performance was masterly to watch, his growing moral anxiety at the situation highlighting the burdening strain that is continuously growing within Quinn’s mind.

The episode’s final third split its time between Saul and Carrie. In his office, Saul revealed his plan to Dar Adal and the ever-so-slimy Lockhart, who’s only a few steps away from becoming a hissable panto villain. The building fury between these two very different individuals was gripping verbal drama. Saul’s incarceration of Lockhart in the conference room provided amusement and it’s certainly nice to know that, for now, Adal is still on Saul’s side.

In the car on the way to his plane, Javadi tried to goad Carrie in to asking who placed the Langley bomb, to which she finally succumbed at the eleventh hour. Javadi’s revelation, that Brody was not behind the bombing and that the answer to who was may be closer than Carrie realises, was a tantalizing reveal. Javadi’s lawyer, Bennett, holds the key to the mystery and with Quinn by her side, Carrie is now determined to get all the answers and clear Brody’s name.

Proving that it can indeed sidestep the melodramatic, the final scene between Saul and Mira was tenderly handled. “I’d forgotten how beautiful you are,” he told her, to which she had no unnecessary tears or angst-laden response, just a warm embrace that spoke louder than words…


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