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doctor-who-holly-black-lights-outWith the BBC’s Twelfth Doctor’s arrival imminent on our TV screens, speculation had been heating up regarding who was to take over the character’s series of books published under the Puffin imprint. Holly Black, author of the The Spiderwick Chronicles, has got the job! Black’s story will be called ‘Lights Out’.

Another week, another J. K. Rowling/ Harry Potter related news item. This time there’s no new story or book out, but rather a reprint. The Harry Potter series is being republished in September by Bloomsbury, featuring fresh jacket designs. They look good, except Harry looks exactly the same on all the covers . . . a bit of an oversight there considering in the books he ages from eleven through his teen years.

The prestigious Eisner awards were held at San Diego Comic Con, and Saga, the sci-fi space epic by British writer Brian K Vaughn, won the best writing prize and Best Continuing Series award.

The romance and relationship between science-fiction-genre mother Mary Shelley and esteemed poet Percy Shelley has always seemed ripe for on-screen adaptation. A Storm in the Stars, to be directed by acclaimed Saudi Arabian director Haifaa al-Mansour, has found its Mary. Elle Fanning will play the novelist, the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, famous today for having written Frankenstein and for her tumultuous and tragic life with Shelley.

Donna Tartt’s third novel, the highly regarded The Goldfinch, is also becoming a motion picture. The movie rights have been snapped up by Brett Ratner, a director known primarily for action films (most recently directing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’ as Hercules) and for ruining the X-Men franchise. Let’s see if he can put that experience to use in bringing this Pulitzer-prize coming-of-age story to the big screen.

David Cameron is refusing to meet with campaigners and authors regarding the book banning taking place in prisons across the UK. The Prime Minister declined an invite to discuss the matter as he believed the justice secretary’s explanation was already sufficient.

In odd, peculiar and downright what-is-really-the-point news, a Where’s Wally-esque book will be published in November, but instead of the standard stripy-shirted Wally to search for, readers will be looking to locate Boris Johnson and David Cameron among others. Where’s Boris? should be a perfect Christmas present for all you politics fans. Trying to spot Boris on a bike could be fun. Or not.

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