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Telen RodwellReleased: 2013

A singer-songwriter who looks to tell his stories through music and prose, Australian artist Telen Rodwell will see his debut single Heart of Gold released by Borough Records at the beginning of March. It’s a coming of age tale, wrapped in acoustic trappings and with a catchy chorus that rises from a more understated verse.

It’s a simple enough offering, with some standout lyrics that pinpoint some of the more relatable details of moving from adolescence to adulthood – first loves and the politics of growing up. This an acoustic pop song which is well worth your time and would sit comfortably on most radio playlists.

Another strength is its unfaltering vocal that, while never stretched, is notable in its consistency. Some might find this track too straightforward and mainstream in its exectution, but there’s no denying its potential for widespread appeal.

Heart of Gold is released on March 4th – by Borough Records.


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