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Harness-Minus – Prosperina Review

Harness-Minus – Prosperina Review

prosperina-harness-minusReleased: October 2014

Take Volbeat vocals, add a dash of Porcupine Tree rhythms and serve with a healthy dose of Shinedown, and what you have is the recipe for Prosperina’s new album, Harness-Minus.

Like a kind of industrial meets prog post hardcore stoner metal, Prosperina clearly haven’t settled on a middle of the road style, and as such it’s a challenging but ultimately rewarding listen.

The record kicks off with Chase To The Throne, which is equal parts soaring, majestic and hypnotic, you could almost be forgiven for thinking this was a Mastodon record if your best mate told you it was.

Then it all tumbles into the Baroness-alike chugging of Cult Leader’s Handbook with its doom-laden riffs and rawness of sound that makes your rock record collection sound like James Blunt.

It also displays a much more subtle influence of Egyptian culture, following some traditional middle-eastern flourishes in amongst the avalanche of thunder and guns.

The rest of the record pretty much continues this vein – a wealth of influences and styles on display, each song a different nod to a particular hero while still maintaining their own sense of identity. The album cover of five grizzled Russian dolls is also nothing short of disturbing. The soundtrack to your next nightmare.


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