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Pixel Toys’ Gunfinger is a brand-new game for iOS that looks to change the way we play. The new 3D action shooter features a cast of hillbilly zombies out to eat your tender juicy flesh.

The game offers a brilliant range of weaponry as well as a unique ‘Daily Challenge’ mode that enables players the opportunity to mix things up and challenge every other player to see “who’s the boss.”

gunfinger-01Gunfinger has a rather light-hearted story in which you’re a part of a group of Elite Farmers (NE1 Agency) out to protect the world from the zombie horde.

Andrew Wafer CEO of Pixel Toys says that the player “can aim with extreme precision pulling off some very skillful trick-shots”, whilst also offering an air of originality since apparently nothing is “quite like Gunfinger”.


The game has a host of fantastic features including:

  • 70+ fun and varied missions
  • Bright, humongous and beautiful environments
  • A huge arsenal to obliterate the rambling horde with
  • Those daily challenges
  • Extreme precision aiming, unique to the game

Gunfinger is free to play and available in the App Store now.

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