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attila-guilty-pleasureReleased: November 2014 

Billed as ‘the metal band you love to hate’, Attila are the kind of band that probably frequently let themselves down.

They are certainly a bizarre five-piece. The music is sublime – metal riffs to die for and flashes of Symphony X inspired guitar solo wizardry; it’s doom-laded euphoria for the young headbanger.

Which is why the vocals are nothing short of a disappointment. Spouting nonsense on the likes of Pizza, Sex And Trolls (which one can only assume is about a coke-addled Dungeons and Dragons evening gone horribly wrong), and cutting between punk and death metal vocals is quite jarring when coupled to the quality of music.

It’s a fundamental problem that isn’t rectified across the admittedly short 37-minute duration of Guilty Pleasure, and when you get to the proto-rap intro to the title track it’s like you have actually gone to hell.

The rest of the band would do well to get rid of annoying-whingemonger frontman Chris Fronzak, and strike out with the kind of imposing behemoth that can do the music justice. Neither guilty, nor a pleasure.


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