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Guild Wars franchise developers NCSOFT and ArenaNet have revealed the release of an ‘April 2014 feature pack’ that will contain entirely new and enhanced updates to in-game features. The pack aims to implement a diverse range of new and exciting features to the game, designed to improve player experiences, interaction within the world, and a variety of other in-game aspects.

The ‘April 2014 Feature pack’ has received a release date of April 15th, with a several week-long campaign leading up to release, revealing and detailing each of the new upgrades that players will receive within the pack. During this campaign ArenaNet developers will be delivering a series of videos, blogs, live streams and articles, unveiling each of the upcoming features, how they’ll work and what they’ll bring to the game.


The weeks-long rollout aims to provide the Guild Wars 2 community with the chance to engage in dialogue with developers around each new enhancement, and for players to fully understand and get to grips with each of the features, so they can continue to play without interruption upon the packs final release.

To stay up to date on all of the new reveals, ArenaNet has created an online hub where players will be able to find all of the information, available immediately upon the unveiling of each new feature. This information is accessible through the “April 2014 Feature Pack” web site.


ArenaNet began their weeks-long campaign by unveiling the first new feature, the implementation of a newly refurbished and improved version of the Guild Wars 2 trait system. Features of the enhanced system include 40 brand new traits, a simplified UI, and new horizontal progression opportunities for players. A blog explaining the details of this new system is now live and can be found here. 

For more information on Guild Wars 2 and its releases, visit www.guildwars2.com

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