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This morning saw the arrival of a new trailer (really, a two minute clip) for the highly anticipated Sandra Bullock panic-in-space epic Gravity, set for release this October. Director Alfonso Cuaron has not released a film in 7 long years, not since the magnificent dystopian film Children of Men.

The clip shows viewers the initial mayhem that follows the destruction of the space station being manned by Bullock and Clooney’s astronaut crew. The visuals look astounding, from fragments of a destroyed Russian satellite racing round Earth’s orbit to tear apart the heroes’ station, to the flailing spinning crashing chaos of Bullock attempting futilely to escape her harness. The final glimpse of Bullock’s character spiralling into the darkness of space, whilst you hear Clooney’s voice anxiously stating that he’s lost sight of her… it gives you goose bumps. My palms are sweating just thinking about the trouble her character’s in.

As the concept of spinning through space, completely alone and without a hope doesn’t sound like your typical action blockbuster, the trailer opts to show instead the initial (and perhaps only?) carnage that the film has to offer. There is undoubtedly going to be some existential angst occurring in the film which has been suitably left out of this enticing trailer. But the clip definitely succeeds in whetting the appetite for more.

Gravity will hopefully reach its high expectations and provide film-goers with something original and exciting to witness. We know that Bullock and Clooney can bring the dramatic gravitas to the intensity of the film’s concept (pun very much intended), so there should be few worries regarding that side of things.

The trailer is absolutely stellar. The whole project looks simply breath-taking, and the terrifying premise itself makes this movie a must-see for 2013.

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