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Just Add Water, have been hard at work creating a remastered version of their 2009 retro-style gravity shooter, Gravity Crash. The new PlayStation Vita digital only version, Gravity Crush Ultra, will be released this July.

Developers over at Just Add Water have reworked the game from the ground up taking advantage of many of the handheld consoles features. Gravity Crash Ultra will feature a new and improved graphics engine, allowing the game to run at a steady 60 frames per second at the Vita’s native resolution, along with improved landscape and lighting effects, a new streamlined GUI, improved weapons VFX and many more changes making the game look and function far better than ever.

Through the use of the Vita’s touchscreen, and with the return of the Gravity Crash level editor, players will once again be able to create unique levels, which can be uploaded and shared for others to play. To coincide with the launch of Gravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita, owners of the original Gravity Crash on PS3 will also receive a small update, making level sharing compatible across both platforms.

“I’m very proud with what we’ve achieved in the last year.” CEO Stewart Gilray says. “After seeing what the PlayStation Vita can do with previous projects, it seems the obvious choice to bring JAW’s first ever PlayStation title bang up to date. Gravity Crash Ultra is exactly the type of game I love, and any fan of retro-shooters will do too.”
GravityCrashUltra-Vita-005Fans will be able to pick up Gravity Crash Ultra from the PlayStation Network Store from July, along with the original Gravity Crash available now, on the PlayStation 3 store.

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