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Gracetown – San Cisco Review

Gracetown – San Cisco Review

San_Cisco_Gracetown_artworkReleased: April 2015

After a solid year of touring and festival appearances, Australian quartet San Cisco have released a follow up to their 2013 self-titled debut.

Gracetown takes its name from a sleepy coastal town in South Western Australia, yet the album as a whole embraces both lazy summer days and energetic festival vibes. Think The Drums meet The Vaccines but with an experimental dose of Santigold and you have this album down to a T.

San Cisco enlisted the assistance of the ‘Fifth Beatle’, Steven Schram, who helped to push them into new experimental waters, giving Gracetown a more grown up sound to the band’s previous album, and it’s certainly something that has worked in their favour.

Each track on this record is a winner. There are love songs, sunny day BBQ songs, break-up songs, and just about every song for any occasion. It’s very rare that I love every track on an album and I can see this becoming the soundtrack to many indie kids and hipster’s summers.

One of the highlights of the album is Bitter Winter, gathering those Santigold tones with harmonised squealing lyrics and an electro surf feel. While Jealousy is a complete contrast with its downbeat cowbells and chilled out end-of-the-night feel.

The first single to be released from the album is Run and it’s not hard to understand why it was selected. It’s the most mainstream track on the album but it’s still catchy and involves vocalised percussion – which is always a bonus.

A stellar album from a young band whose music continues to charm as it evolves.

Gracetown was released on 6th April.


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