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Gossip Girl – The Legend Lives On

Gossip Girl – The Legend Lives On

gossip girlThough the series finale of Gossip Girl may have just aired in the US, it’s ending has renewed my interest and sparked my nostalgia for what has been a thrilling, engaging, twisted and fabulous six seasons of dramatic television. If you haven’t caught the series, it might be time to start watching, especially as a full series collection DVD set is sure to be out soon.

Gossip Girl first appeared on screens in 2007, following swiftly on the heels of The O.C., which had faced what I think was a premature end due to a mistake storyline (they killed off lead character Marissa). When Gossip Girl promos came along, it couldn’t be helped but be compared to The O.C. character for character. Is troubled party girl Serena Van Der Woodsen the equivalent of melancholy wild child Marissa Cooper? Is Rufus Humphrey going to give Sandy Cohen a run for his best TV Dad status? In the end these characters, despite all being wealthy and beautiful, were unique and varied enough from their assumed counterparts to make this series watchable for fans of The O.C. as well as new viewers. They fall into both the likeable and love to hate categories.

The story revolves around the lives of “sixteen year old” (ish) rich kids at a prestigious private school. As Gossip Girl always says, it’s the story of ‘the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite’. These children live such privileged lives that their only sources of concern are having the finest clothes, the best boyfriend or girlfriend and exactly which pinnacle of excellence they will be embodying when they grow up.

Our eyes into this world come in the form of Brooklynite and social leper Dan Humphrey, who attends St Jude’s School for Boys on the Upper East Side. His main flaw amongst his peers is that he doesn’t have family wealth. The object of his affection attends the sister school Constance Billiard’s and she is the ‘It Girl’, Serena Van Der Woodsen. Not only is her family old money but she’s also beautiful, reckless in a fun way and she gets away with everything. That is until she goes too far and is sent away to boarding school. The series begins with her return a year later and the first season focuses on the mystery of where has Serena been and what has she been doing?

If you like a good teen drama but would prefer it to have more of a mystery element full of deeply kept secrets and people who could lie professionally then this epic tale is for you. Also, fear not if you hate when a series falls apart when all the students are forced to graduate, because the actors are all about to turn thirty and its borderline weird, as in many ways the series comes into its own. The series and the characters go from adolescent to adult.

WARNING! Gossip Girl’s identity has been released as of the final episode, so if you want to avoid knowing who it is then be careful what you read online. Though I’ll be re-watching the series now knowing so I can see if there are many clues!


Not Gossip Girl.

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