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Two legendary Hip Hop giants graced Glastonbury this weekend. De La Soul and Jurassic 5 both performed scintillating sets to kick off what was an incredible feast of Hip-Hop at Worthy Farm on Friday night.

De La Soul were fortunate to arrive on the Pyramid stage after Somerset’s storms had passed. The sun was hot and the crowd were vibrant when the quick and quirky lyricists took to the stage and delved deep into their masterpiece debut album – 3 Feet High and Rising. 

The blend of inventive word-play and joyful, jazzy tunes has always been at the crux of the New York trio’s music and this performance had all those ingredients. A true celebration of three guys who helped form the path of a new generation of great hip-hop, which goes down as well today, as it did twenty-five years ago.

Indeed earlier this year, the trio made their entire catalogue of music free for 25 hours only. The downloads were calculated to be over two million in that small time frame.

By the time Jurassic 5 cooly strolled on to the West Holts stage it truly was ‘Power in Numbers’ as the sun set and the sky turned pink. Huge crowds flocked to see the group’s first performance at Glastonbury in over ten years.

J5 separated in 2007 due to “musical differences” and no one was more grateful for their 2013 re-form than this year’s Glasto crowd. The contagious flow of MCs Aki, Zaakir and Marc 7even was energised by the distinctively deep voice of Charlie 2na and driven on by DJ pairing Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist who effortlessly plugged big, bassy beats.

The four rappers were so harmonic at times it was as if they were one voice. The group’s unity transferring itself to the crowd as J5’s fans bounced up and down as one huge collective to such classics as Quality Control, Concrete Schoolyard and Improvise to name just a few.

“Put your hands in the air for the love of Hip Hop music” Aki demanded of the crowd.

And Glastonbury, in your masses, you certainly did.

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