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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Four feature length episodes filled with our favourite mother-daughter duo EVER. And whilst all of the old favourite characters were back for A Year in the Life, there was still such a gap at the heart of the story due to Edward Herrmann’s passing back in 2014. However, Richard Gilmore had a tribute very fitting to his character and the memorial was touching yet lighthearted – it is Gilmore Girls after all, so I’d expect nothing less than a witty explosion from Lorelai.

The moment Rory and Lorelai reunited on screen is one that I’ll cherish. Is it just me, or did anyone else not realise how much they’ve missed the girls until they were back in our lives? I literally blinked and now Rory is 32, Lorelai is happy with Luke, and Suki is nowhere to be seen until the last episode, though it’s a warm welcome when she does reappear. Michelle is there for us every episode, continuing to make us all wish we had our very own Michelle. Yet Emily Gilmore is the character that’s transformed the most; having lost her husband, she has a ‘handy’ family from an unknown country move in. She also ditches the socialite life and, although she’s still as difficult as she ever was, you can see the love is there.gilmore-girls-rivival-2In Spring, Lorelai and Emily go to therapy together, and if you didn’t laugh out loud during these scenes, you weren’t watched properly. The banter between the two characters – as always – is brilliant, and the chemistry, although there’s underlying bitterness, is pure comedy gold. Throughout, I was sitting there wishing my own mother and I could argue the way they do; it looks much more fun.

The big question I’m left with is: Why is Rory stuck in such a rut? When she graces the screen in her opening scenes, she’s on her business phone taking important phone calls and Luke is boasting about a piece she wrote in the New York Times. However, from what I can gather, she’s spent the majority of her time flitting from the states to the UK, but for Logan, not work. Who by the way is engaged, which broke my heart. They should be together.gilmore-girls-rivival-3From comedy moments to real tear-jerking confessions, the four seasons deliver it all. The most memorable scene from the episodes is without a doubt Lorelai’s phone call to her mum from the wilderness. Her emotional story of a memory with her father brought tears from the moment she began; you could hear the story playing out as she said it, and for me, I didn’t picture Richard Gilmore at all, I pictured my grandad, and my dad, and the memories I have. So from that moment, Lorelai’s grief became my grief. Hats off to the writer for that scene.

In what’s perhaps the most irrelevant few scenes of any TV programme ever, Stars Hollow The Musical brought me to tears of a different kind: boredom. Showing the auditions and the significant song where Lorelai finishes up deciding she’s going out on an adventure to the wild, was all we really needed.

Despite that minor blip, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the relationships everyone loved so much in the past playing out now that Rory and co. are adults; Paris, highly successful with children who look like they’ve never spent a minute with her since they were born, Lane who is still rocking in the same clothes as she was all those years ago, and Jess with his bad boy looks yet wise words. The visit back to Chilton High school for Past Student Day was a nice touch too; it felt like we were literally on memory lane with Rory.gilmore-girls-rivival-4The revival wouldn’t have been complete without a wedding, which saw Luke and Lorelei FINALLY commit to each other for real, and the event was magical. As with any good reunion though, it needed to end on a cliffhanger, just in case the writers decide to revisit Stars Hollow again. This was delivered in the Fall episode, which concluded with Rory announcing to her mum that she’s pregnant.

So we’ve gone full circle, and I hope we get to see Rory as the mother, and Lorelai as the Grandma. Now that would be fun.

Thank you, Netflix, for a comforting six hours of heaven.

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