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Ghost Of A Gardener – Rachel Ries Review

Ghost Of A Gardener – Rachel Ries Review

rachel-ries-ghost-of-a-gardenerReleased: 2014

Rachel Ries’ newest album, Ghost of a Gardener, is released on March 24th in the UK and comes after a four-year break. The album is full of meaningful lyrics and due to the stunning clarity of Rachel’s voice – much like Regina Spektor’s – every lyric can be heard.

Ghost of a Gardener was recorded with Secretly Canadian artist David Vandervelde who adds acoustic & electric guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion and vocals. This is completed by a large band ensemble of trumpets, strings, woodwinds and more, adding layers of harmonies to the album. Ghost of a Gardener is a moody and subdued record, but the mix of Ries’ vocals, instrumentals and harmonies allows the album to flow beautifully and is one that I’m sure will please fans and newcomers alike with its country charm.

The album is made up of mostly personal musings, including strains of regret due to Ries’ career break, but this makes the album all the better. Each song gives a sense of living in rural countryside with the day-to-day struggles and positives of country life. The album feels autobiographical, as if Ries is letting you into a part of her life.

Time is one of the album’s highlights, as the lyrics resonate with listeners and the instrumentals make it a stunningly poignant song. It might not be perky and upbeat but Ghost of a Gardener is great if you’re looking for something other than conventional country style albums.


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