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Getting Withdrawal Symptoms From Breaking Bad?

Getting Withdrawal Symptoms From Breaking Bad?

breaking badPredictions for the final part of the addictive show.

For a guy that watches LOADS of television shows, it means something when I say that Breaking Bad is my favourite series of all time! Before I got hooked on this highly addictive show, I thought it impossible that anything could surpass my other current favourites, which include The Walking Dead and True Blood, the modern classic, Lost, and the classic classic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

However, as I was a latecomer to the series, my first hit of the drug drama wasn’t until only a month ago. Having locked myself up in my room, getting high all day on this masterful creation from Vince Gilligan, I’m now up to speed (no drug pun intended!), and there’s much I’m expecting from the closing episodes of season 5 and what looks to be the final episodes of the series altogether.

Before I present these expectations to you, I must warn you that there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad before…1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR TIME?! 2. Get a Netflix account as all five seasons are on there, or do it the old-fashioned way and buy the DVD’s! 3. You’re welcome!

I think the most obvious thing to expect from impending episodes is that Walt and Hank are going to come to some sort of confrontation. The rather genius way in which Gilligan wrote the final scene of the last episode, with Hank finally realising who Heisenberg really is, it’s clear that Hank’s investigation into the drug lord is going to come to a close. Whether this ‘close’ will be a heated conflict between criminal and DEA agent, or a hush-hush, slap on the wrist type of resolution between brothers-in-law, is unclear. Considering just how many twists and turns that this thrill ride of a show has taken us through, one thing’s clear, and that is that the brilliant Vince Gilligan will conjure up another unexpected route for this story to follow.

The next expectation I have of the closing eight episodes of season 5, is one that I think most fans of the show have resentfully accepted by this point, and that is the unwelcome inevitability that Walt’s health will deteriorate again, and dare I say it, gets his cancer back. It’s been an omen waiting and waiting, and as things now seem to be drawing to a close, I think it’s a now or never scenario. Unfortunately, I believe the most fitting outcome for the show will not necessarily match the desires of the fans. Looking at how Walt’s character arc has developed, it’s been interesting to see him slowly turn from good to bad, yet, due to Gilligan’s stellar writing again, he’s kept us on Walt’s side every step of the way. For that reason, I think fans would feel betrayed if Walt meets his death, but considering the bad decisions he’s made, perhaps if it did end that way, it would make for a more fitting, profound and impacting climax.

Things don’t seem to be looking in Walt’s favour right now. Aother prediction I have is that Walt may find himself running from the law. It sounds obvious but to consider this argument, it would first depend on how Hank takes the news of Walt’s second identity. Should this scenario happen however, Skylar will then have the closure she needs to fully cut Walt from her life and the DEA will have the identity of the man they’ve been chasing from the start. When you think that Walt has been distancing himself further and further away from his family, it’s a potential conclusion. It’s also a conclusion not too far from what we saw in the flash-forward at the beginning of season 5; it’s a year down the line, Walt’s alone, with no wedding ring, he looks broke and just received a high-caliber assault rifle from his arms dealer. Oh yeah, and he’s coughing again, which could well mean my last expectation is correct and Walt’s health isn’t in the best of shape. I think this suggests that Walt is on his last legs, he has nothing to lose and he’s ready for one last big fight.

The happily ever after conclusion that I hope for above all else is a long shot (a very long, irrational shot!) but it’s one that I thought of out of my huge fandom of the show; and that is that ‘Gray Matter’ will find a cure for cancer, Walt therefore survives and all the characters continue to live a long, happy life away from drugs and violence! The only one glaring thing stopping this from happening however (apart from the unlikeliness that ‘Gray Matter’ will find a cure for cancer), is that drugs and violence are two main elements to this great television series!

Of all the things that could possibly happen in the final episodes of Breaking Bad, whether it be any of the predictions I have or none of them, I’m confident that the show will not disappoint fans and we’ll have a finale as mind-blowing as all other episodes have been up till now! According to Aaron Paul, new episodes will air on July 14th, so with a few months still left to go, please feel free to let me know your own predictions and opinions in the comments!

And kids, don’t take drugs!

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