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In a genre where national cinemas emerge in trending waves – extreme French horror, eerie Japanese ghost children, Spanish hauntings – Australia has remained as a minor, but no less fantastic, part of the scary movie industry (the brutish Wolf Creek is one of the most highly rated horror films of this century).

Following the death of her husband on the night she gave birth to their son,  Amelia is having a hard time taking care of little Samuel, especially with his birthday marking a gruelling reminder of what’s been lost. Making matters worse is Samuel’s odd behaviour and the sudden appearance of a spooky new book on the shelf, a peculiar pop-up children’s tale titled ‘The Babadook’. When disturbing things begin happening in the household, the family’s sanity is tested:  is it just mum’s mania kicking in, or something far more sinister?

Airing at Sundance 2014, The Babadook looks like a great new addition to the ghost/ home intruder story. Blending psychological thrills and actual monster madness, this trailer definitely provides a chilling glimpse into a new tale to keep you up at night.

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