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Polish based indie developers, Looney Bin Studios, are now several days into their KickStarter campaign looking to fund the creation of their original post-apocalyptic 2D brawler game, Six Miles Under.

Interested to find out more about the dark and mysterious world within Six Miles Under, we got in touch with the Looney Bin team. Here’s what they had to say:

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Six Miles Under, how would you describe it?

Six Miles Under is a post-apocalyptic 2D brawler. It’s set in the cruel and dangerous world of an underground prison compound where survivors of nuclear war linger on. The main hero is a law enforcer who got betrayed and has to find out who’s behind it. Oh, and he kills a lot of people in the process.

The art style within Six Miles Under feels reminiscent of games like Dead Light and Limbo, where did the inspiration for the game come from? And did you draw on games such as these for inspiration?

Although people often draw comparisons to those games, the one thing they share is shadowy characters. Other than that, we feel Six Miles Under features a separate aesthetic. We worked hard to find an art style that felt right, and this is why we are now at the current alpha state for the game.

Even though Six Miles Under tells the story of main character Preston Trencher, will players also be able to uncover more about the underground city where the game is set and perhaps how the nuclear apocalypse occurred?

Definitely! There will be pieces of information in the game world, found on things like posters or chests, or acquired from interacting with the NPC. There will also be several pick-ups and things to examine, and the journal allows players to organize the lore and learn more about the story and characters in Six Miles Under.
You mention the game will include environmental hazards such as piles of falling rocks, will there be many options to use these hazards or will they only be available in particular areas of the levels? 

Most hazards are designed to be level specific, but some of them are more universal. It’ll help players to fully embrace all the different places that Trencher wanders into. For example, the laboratory includes some lasers and the mines obviously include the risk of death by boulder, and there are many more surprises on all levels. Many of those can be a threat to both enemies and the player, and, in the end, we aim for those extra combat options to be a fundamental part of the game.
When players come up against the unique bosses in the game, can we expect a classic old school hero vs boss fight or have you come up with your own new take on boss fights?

Our boss fights are designed to be vastly different from each other. There is one classic “hero vs. powerful boss and his minions” scenario, but there is also a fight where the player is greatly outmatched, and therefore has to rely on the stealth provided by the environment in order to launch surprise attacks. We even have a holdout type scenario, where the hero’s allies are fighting behind the scenes, while the player tries to draw enemies’ attention and survive.
From watching the trailer, the heavy metal music plays a key part in portraying the dark unknown nature of this world, how important is the music within the game in immersing the player further into the story?

The music is more than just random tunes. The songs composed by Marcin really help to bring out the best of the atmosphere we want to present. Our soundtrack will be very extensive, featuring at least 20 tracks, from atmospheric themes specific to particular areas or environments, to heavy metal tracks for intense combat moments.

What made you want to develop Six Miles Under for Nintendo Wii U? Do you have any plans to integrate the Wii U controller’s unique features?

The Nintendo Wii U is a great piece of hardware, and the ease for porting to the console thanks to Nintendo’s Unity support is very attractive. As for the Wii U’s GamePad controller, Off-TV gameplay is definitely something we want to include. Other than that, we’re evaluating the rest of the features so that we can bring an interesting game to the Wii U. Having that big touch-screen is making me think of several things I could do for Six Miles Under.
Other than for funding, why did you choice to go through KickStarter?

Kickstarter allows us to directly engage our potential audience, so that we can listen to what they have to say about what we’re presenting to them. It’s a great community that is very vocal and that loves to participate in making a game come to life.

With the game already in Alpha, do you think we will get to see a short demo any time soon that we can get our hands on?

Things are pretty hectic during the Kickstarter campaign, but this is one of our priorities, and we’ll try our best to deliver a polished demo as soon as humanly possible.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people still unsure about backing your project?

We want to let everyone know that we’re hard at work on Six Miles Under, and that we are considering all the feedback received by both current backers and from people that are thinking about backing us on Kickstarter. There will be new updates at the project showcasing some of the new work we’ve done, so please visit us at our Kickstarter page to learn more.

Thank you to the team at Looney Bin Studios for taking the time to chat with us, and revealing more about this intriguing new game, and we wish them luck with the rest of their KickStarter campaign.

If you’d like to support Looney Bin Studios or check out more about the game, you can head on over to the Six Miles Under KickStarter or visit their Steam Greenlight page.

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