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Game developer, One More Level, winner of the Developers Showcase Community Award at WGK 2014, is now just over a third of the way through their KickStarter campaign to bring their game Warlocks, an old school, side scrolling, brawler game, to life.

Starting out its life as a concept of combining ‘Risk of Rain’ gameplay with fantasy characters such as warlocks and wizards, the game has since circulated numerous gaming circles and received a very warm reception from gamers across the web. With the team made up of the likes of designer and original creator Dushan Chaciej, artist Wojtek Wilk, and programmer Max Strzelecki, who was born with no arms and yet still programmes and creates the code for the game, Warlocks seems like it will continue to go from strength to strength.

We got in touch with the Warlocks team to find out more about the game, what new features we can expect and a little more about what it’s been like making this game.

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Warlocks, how would you describe the game?

Warlocks is an actionRPG/brawler game, set in a multidimensional universe, where the evil shadows are attacking human realms. It takes inspiration from games like Risk of Rain, where you pick your character and hack’n’slash through hordes of monsters, while you level up, collect new gear, gain new powers and explore the world.

Are fantasy games and 2D platformers a favourite gaming genre among the developers and crew at One More Level?

I wouldn’t say it’s the most favourite genre, as we like to play all the games, but it’s definitely an interesting one that we haven’t worked on very much. But we always wanted to try, so that’s how Risk of Death and then Warlocks came to life.

Will players be able to uncover more about each of the different characters and their histories as they progress throughout the game?

Yes! We do plan to introduce richer story to Warlocks and we will be implementing in to the campaign as we go further down the development cycle. Stay tuned for details on that!


Will players be able to uncover more about each of the different characters and their histories as they progress throughout the game?

I think we’ll stay with the unlimited lives approach. We tried many different solutions before including permadeath, but it just didn’t work out. Nobody wants to die a couple of hours in the story and start over. Or at least – not that many people.

Whilst playing through the story in co-op mode, will it be possible for friends to share or trade different items of loot with each other? 

Yes, you will be able to drop your items and let other players pick it up.

The game currently has a good balance between being too easy and too hard, however are you intending to include varying levels of difficulty, such as a newcomer easy difficulty and a veteran hardcore difficulty setting?

Haven’t really talked through this yet with the team, we’re still considering our options here based on the feedback. For now it seems that the game is a bit too hard for newer players, but it’s also a case of lacking tutorial, which will be implemented.


You commented on KickStarter saying that you were initially apprehensive about releasing the game on the Nintendo Wii U. What made you change your mind about including the Wii U as one of the games primary platforms?

We got a huge amount of requests to consider the Nintendo Wii U version. We’ve decided to make it one of the primary platforms to meet the expectations of gamers. However, you have to remember that we are also aiming to target PS4, PSV and Xbox One.

How does it feel to have gone from creating that very first version of Risk of Death, to now teaming up with One More Level Studios and launching a KickStarter campaign for the Warlocks game?

How does it feel? Very awesome, haha. It feels like it was a long time coming, but we’re really glad that we could take this chance and create a legitimate sequel that is more ambitious and bigger than the original. We loved the basic mechanics introduced in Risk of Death, and we’re happy to expand on them and create a whole new game.

In your opinion, what makes Warlocks such a fun game, as well as a game you want to keep coming back to play?

The strengths of Warlocks definitely lie in the mechanics. The combat is fun, dynamic and diverse between all the Warlocks. It gives you that urge to kill just a few more monsters and try different builds and characters.
Warlocks_4How has the community’s feedback impacted the creation of the game? Have there been any large changes or sections you have taken out due to player feedback?

We’ve been on four major events so far – Digital Dragons, Pixel Heaven, Gamescom and WGK. During those events we listened carefully for feedback and always left with a bunch of different changes to implement. Whether they were smaller or bigger, it was a great opportunity to improve the game, which we constantly do.

Thank you to the team at One More Level for taking the time to chat with us about their awesome game and giving us a few insights into what we can expect from the game in the future. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing more of Warlocks.

Whether you play games on a PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS4, PS Vita or even possibly the Xbox One, why not go and check out the Warlocks KickStarter and pledge your support, or for more information take a look at the Warlocks Steam Greenlight page.

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