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It’s that time of year again, the Steam Summer Sale has begun, games are insanely cheap and gamers are digging deep into their wallets trying to resist the urge to spend all next month’s pay cheque.
SteamSummerSaleThe Steam Sale is a notorious biannual event, which occurs during the early summer months and during the Christmas holidays. Each sale lasts roughly ten days with the dates being kept secret until the day the first deals go live sending gamers into a frenzy. Renowned as the gaming Christmas by many within the gaming community, the sales are also renowned for draining gamer’s bank accounts due to all of the irresistible deals, with the prices of games often being slashed by 75-80%.

For the inexperienced, the Steam Sale can be a confusing place. Along with the general sale which spans all ten days, Steam also holds four other smaller sales;

  • The Daily Deals – This sale lasts 24 hours and selects 9 random games to have their sales prices slashed even further.
  • The Flash Sale – Changing every 8 hours, this sale consists of 4 random game titles which are once again reduced even further than their original sale price.
  • The Community Choice – Modified for this year’s sale, every 8 hours gamers are able to choose from two sets of four games, casting their vote on which set they would like to set go on sale next.
  • Yesterday’s Big Deal – This set of 9 games changing every 24 hours, gives gamers the chance to pick up the games featured in the previous days Daily Deals.

To help you navigate the sale and save you from spending out when you don’t have to, here is a little diagram displaying the one big rule that newcomers and veterans alike should follow when buying games in the sales.
SteamInfoIf you’re new to PC gaming here are a few recommendations of must have games that can be picked up fairly cheaply throughout the sale; The Bioshock Series, Garry’s Mod, Left 4 Dead 1+2, FTL: Faster Than Light, The Walking Dead, Sid Meir’s Civilisation V, Portal, and if you’re willing to push the boat out and delve into classic genre defining games than you can get the complete Half-Life collection or even the entire Valve Collection bundle.

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