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Indie developers ‘Adventure Productions’ and ‘10th Art Studio’ revealed yesterday that the second part of their four part series Shadows On The Vatican will be released worldwide on the PC on March 21st 2014. Episode two, titled Act 2: Wrath, continues the story of ex-priest James Murphy and assassin Silvia, as they join forces in their struggle to stay alive and to dispel the secrets of the Vatican.

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This real life event inspired thrilling point and click adventure series incorporates realistic characters with hours of motion-capture animations, all fully dubbed in English and animated coloured comics created by award winner Daniela di Matteo assisted with Art Direction by Lorenzo Ruggiero of Marvel and DC Comic fame.

Along with the gripping storyline the game also includes “10 stunningly beautiful HD locations to explore, and well integrated challenging puzzles” says the studio, that will keep the player thinking and fully immersed as they progress throughout the adventure.Shadows On The Vatican (Act 2 - Wrath)

Shadows On The Vatican – Act 2: Wrath can be preordered now at www.zodiacstore.com for a special pre-release price of €4.99, along with the Deluxe Edition for €7.99 that contains both acts and the original soundtrack.

For those gamers on Steam, Shadows On The Vatican – Act 2: Wrath is also currently being voted for on Steam Greenlight, currently ranking in the top 50 games out of more than 1600 games up for vote. If you want to see it on Steam and haven’t done so yet, head on over to the Shadows On The Vatican Greenlight page

If you’re new to the series more information can be found at Shadow On The Vatican game website or on their Facebook page. 

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