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A number of readers may or may not already be familiar with the website Kickstarter, where small groups of people with big ideas are able to gain support and funding projects they would otherwise be unable to carry out. One group of people that are hoping to find their feet, and an audience, with the Kickstarter website is the team behind Planets³, a considerably ambitious video game that looks to give the player a seemingly limitless world to explore. Based in a universe of cube shaped, brightly coloured planets, the game is described by its creators as an ‘open world, voxel based role playing game’, with the focus being the player creating objects out of natural resources, as well as embarking on a wealth of quests that are scattered across the planets.


Comparisons to the most well known cubist bonanza that is Minecraft are pretty easy to make, although Planets³ does seem to be interested in making its own mark, rather than just echoing that particular phenomenon. The inclusion of a story, for one, and an assortment of characters will give the game more structure as well as its own feel. In addition to this, from the short trailer and some of the concept art shown on the website, Planets³ already looks to be a particularly visually arresting affair, much more so than its most obvious predecessor, and this looks likely to set it apart as well.


The game is being developed by a dedicated team of game enthusiasts, similar to many other recent independent games that have been successful in the past few years. Indeed the video game industry does seem to be one area in which smaller independent productions are more able to gain recognition and success, mostly through a knowledge of the importance of garnering publicity and support online. Planets³ looks to be an addition to this.

The game is currently 10% of its way through production, and the team hope to be ready to release the first part of their story in autumn 2015, with the full game then available by 2017. Their Kickstarter campaign is available to look at here http://kck.st/1id1Ncp

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